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Are You Hiding Your Life?

Posted on: May 3, 2017

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the parable of the talents.  A talent in that time was the equivalent of an entire life's worth of wages.  The master gives to one guy five talents, another three talents, and to the last one talent.  Then the master leaves.  If you know the story, the first two do something with the money and produce more, but the last guy takes the one talent he has and hides it so that he can give it back to the master. 

When the master returns he praises those who have done something with the money and he is furious with the guy that hid his talent.  This used to not make sense to me.  Wasn't it wise not to take the risk of losing the money?  Why was protection, safety, or risk management not valued at all?  Then more recently, as I was studying this passage again, the answer hit me. 

I was looking at this from a human point of view, but the master in the story represents the Lord.  He represents God.  Who has an endless supply of talents.  He did not give these guys his last $20 and hope they could make something of it.  He gave them from his endless supply.  He wanted them to enjoy of his abundance.  Look at it this way.  If you gave your kids $5,000,000 and then left them for a year, wouldn't you want them to use it?  To live off of that?  To make some wise choices with it, and to enjoy it?  If then, upon your return, you found out they did nothing with the money cause they were so afraid of disappointing you; how would you respond?  They never enjoyed it, they never invested it, they did not use it when they needed it...they just buried it!  They kept it safe to give back to you.  Here is your $5 mil back?  Wouldn't you be sad, wouldn't you expect them to have done something with the overwhelming blessing you gave them?

In the story, the master does not respond with sadness but instead he is angry.  The servant is called "wicked," and he is judged pretty harshly.  His talent is taken from him and given to the guy who is doing something with it.  The Bible tells us that it is required among stewards that they be found faithful.  They are to do something that matters with what they have been given stewardship over.

I do not know what "talents" God has given to you.  What I know is that He has given all of us our life time.  However long or short that is, we have this one chance to do something that will matter for Him.  We are stewards of that time.  He is an endless supply of resources, power, encouragement, strength, and help.  He gives to us a life.  One life.  Don't hide it.  Don't waste it.  Don't allow fear, risk management, safety, or a desire for an easy life keep you from what God has for you.  Your life is special!  It was given to you from God, and you can do so much with it in Him.  Remember that God is with you and God is for you.  Live that life for Him, and don't you dare hide it!