Our Team

John Beeler: Lead Pastor

Pastor John was hired on staff in March of 1999 and became our lead pastor in 2005.  Since that time our church has greatly grown and thrived under his leadership.  He and his wife Dena are truly sold out to loving God, loving people, and inspiring others to do the same.  Pastor John gives oversight and leadership to our staff.  He equips and guides our leadership teams.  He develops and engages our church and community with practical biblical teaching that is relevant to our lives.  He oversees our ministry model and vision, and looks to consistently improve our impact for the kingdom.  Dena has led our women's ministries, served in our children and teen ministries, and helped to develop our Women of Worth ministry for single moms.  She brings an irresistible creativity and loving spirit to our church, its ministries, and its events.  Pastor John likes to say "you have not really visited Legacy until you have met my wife!"  They have three amazing children, Halle, Elle, and Titus, who also love God and love people.   

Lance Green: Family Pastor

Lance joined Legacy's staff in March of 2017. He and his wife Emile have been very active members of Legacy for several years.  They serve and have volunteered in many ministries. As our Family Pastor, Lance oversees our Legacy Kidz ministries and coordinators.  He also leads our Jr. High and Sr. High Student ministries. Both Lance and Emile have a passion for connecting with people of all ages.  They love God, each other, their kids, and our church!  They are an awesome couple and a great addition to our staff. 

Chris and Joy Rendall:  Creative Pastor and Bookkeeper   

Chris and Joy both started serving as part of Legacy's team in 2017.  Chris serves as our Creative pastor.  He leads our worship teams with a great passion to see God lifted up on high in every service.  He consistently seeks ways to keep our people engaged in worship by celebrating Jesus with both classic and new worship songs in our services.  He also oversees our building and grounds and leads those with building skills to serve our church and our community.  Joy serves as our financier and bookkeeper.  She also helps with office management needs and volunteers to serve in other areas of our church.  They are an awesome couple with amazing kids! 

Cindy Cordes: Connections Administrator

Cindy is another long time member of Legacy.  Her husband Tim is our head usher and together they have been an incredible blessing to our church over the years.  Cindy loves people!  She helps manage our systems for greeting, connecting, following up with and any thing else that involves people.  They are an amazing couple and you cannot visit Legacy without meeting both of them, because they will find you!

Bobby Shipman: Graphics, Office, and Maintenance Assistant

Bobby and his family joined our church a few years ago, and Legacy has never been the same.  They are an amazing family and all of them are serving in ways that make a huge impact here.  Bobby came on part-time staff during 2016 and has picked up many responsibilities since doing so.  He is a jack of all trades here, and we are so much better for it.  God has great things in store for this young man, and we at Legacy are excited to be a part of that.