Memorial Day

Only Values that Matter...Matter!

A great and honoring Memorial day message that highlights the truth that only the values we are willing to pay a price for really matter.  What values do you have that you are willing to pay a price for.  Listen here and you may discover the strength you need to pay that price!

I will fear no evil

I Will Fear No Evil

Have you ever felt like you were walking through the valley of the shadow of death?  We all experience fear, but we are called to live lives that are fearless.  This power message will help equip you to do just that!  Watch it here.

Mother's Day Message

Mother's Day 2017

A great and encouraging message for something everyone needs more of in their lives and especially mothers.  This message is designed to specifically be a gift to our moms!  You can watch this sermon here!

Relentless Grace

When something is relentless is just keeps coming and coming.  The grace that God has given us absolutely fits that description.  It never quits, runs out, or stops coming our way.  This message studies two passages of Scripture that both clearly teach God's grace is relentless. Watch it here.

Follow the Orange Brick Road

A practical message about the destiny God has for each of us.  The thing about this destiny is that it's something you need to choose.  Are you following the "orange brick" road? You can watch this sermon here!

The Same Power

An Easter message that encourages us to believe that the same power that rose Jesus from the grave can be alive in us.  This power creates a resurrected hope in our lives.  It reminds us of this quote "Don't miss what is, because you are stuck in what was."  This power is ours to have through faith in the resurrection.  Listen to this life changing sermon here!